Tweets & likes and Scheduled Tweets modules give the ability to delete Tweets or scheduled Tweets.

To do this click Delete in the Tweet menu. The Tweet is not deleted immediately but sent to the trash. The Tweet still appears but you cannot act on it and the menu is replaced by a Restore button that allows you to cancel the deletion.

When the trash is not empty, the following button is present in the navigation bar:

In this example, the trash contains 2 Tweets. To delete them, simply click on the Empty button.

Deleted Tweets (but still present in the recycle bin) normally do not appear in a search result. If you want to check that you have not deleted tweets by mistake, you have to search through the trash. This can be done in two ways:

  • The trash criterion displays only the deleted Tweets.
  • The trash filter can display only the deleted Tweets too, but also to include them in the search result.