To facilitate your searches, you can assign one or more tags to the members of your community or in your tweets and likes. You can then use the tags filter to find tagged users or tweets.

The tags intended for the tweets and those for the users are distinct.

When you create a tag, it is not related to the working account. Consider for example the following Tweet:

Two tags have been assigned to it :

  • to read reminds us to read the article mentioned in the tweet.
  • space allows us to classify this tweet with other Tweets speaking about the space.

When this Tweet is displayed, these two labels (tags) are visible, regardless of the selected working account.

But it is possible to create tags depending on the working account. Such a tag is visible only if the selected working account is the same as the one which was selected for assigning the tag to the Tweet. This is done by unchecking a checkbox when creating the tag.

For example, suppose you have a @My_Pro_Account account for your professional communication and @My_Personal_Account account for your personal communication, and that some Tweets from @My_Pro_Account may interest @My_Personal_Account followers and vice versa. You can create a to retweet tag to mark the Tweets to retweet on your other account.

If the Tweet above comes from @My_Pro_Account and you wish retweet it with @My_Personal_Account, select @My_Personal_Account as working account and assign the tag to retweet to this Tweet, which now looks like this:

As you can see in this example, a tag dependent on the working account differs from an ordinary tag by its color (light orange) and by the symbol which precedes it.

If you change the working account, the label does not appear any more.

If you search for this tag by means of the tags filter, the Tweet will appear only if the working account is @My_Personal_Account.

To add, delete, or rename labels, select the module Configuration in the navigation bar then, in the section Tags, “Tweets” or “Users” according to the category of tags which you wish to manage:

The first line allows you to add a tag. To do this, enter a name and click Add.

By default, the created tags do not depend on the working account. If this is not what you want, uncheck the box to the left of the line before clicking Add.

The type of tag (that is to say, dependent or not on the working account) can not be changed after creation.

Method 1

The area containing the tags in the previous Tweet looks like this before adding the tag to retweet:

The quickest method to remove a tag is to click on it. If for example you have read the article, click on to read to remove the tag:

To add a tag, click on the symbol to show the available tags:

Then click on the tag to add, for example, to retweet, and you get:

If you like, you can click again on to display only the assigned tags. Anyway, unassigned tags will be hidden when you click on the symbol of another Tweet.

Method 2

The above method is probably the fastest. However, it has a drawback: you can only add tags already created.

This method does not have this drawback. It is to select the Add/Remove tags from the menu of the user or the Tweet , which opens the following window:

To add or remove a tag, simply click on it.

If you want to add a tag that does not exist yet, you can create it directly here. Once having created, you do not have to add it: it is done automatically.

Moreover, this method is more universal because it is used in other parts of the application, in an almost identical way. For example, when you Tweet, a Rating and Tags tab contains the same elements as in the previous window to add tags to your Tweet.