When you log in Socialfave, the application retrieves your new tweets and likes and updates information about your community.

This synchronization can take time, especially the first time because it must import all of the tweets and likes (actuallyabout the last 3200 because of the limitations imposed by Twitter) and data about the members of your community who are not yet stored in our database. The synchronizations are then faster because it only fetches new tweets and likes, and must only recover data on new members of your community.

However, you do not have to wait for the synchronization to be completed. You can close the window and start working: the synchronization goes on in background. Notifications inform you of the progress of the operations. You can also click on Sync. in the navigation bar at the top of the screen to display again the synchronization window:

The synchronization window looks like this:

This example shows the progress of the synchronization of 4 accounts, the account Account_4 being a foreign account.

From top to bottom, we can see that:

  1. Tweets and likes of Account_1 have been properly imported,
  2. Tweets and likes of Account_1 have been properly imported,
  3. a problem occurred when importing Tweets and likes of Account_3,
  4. the updating of the community of Account_1 has just begun,
  5. the updating of the community of Account_2 is underway,
  6. the updating of the community of Account_3 is pending because of the limitations of Twitter,
  7. the updating of the community of Account_4 is complete.

When tasks (import of Tweets and likes or updates of the community) are completed, it is possible to restart them by clicking the checkbox to the left of the tasks, and then click the Start selected tasks button. It is however possible to restart a task after a certain delay, indicated by a countdown as you can see in the example above for the update of Account_4. Furthermore it is not possible to restart a task from the synchronization’s window that opens right after a connection to the application: this is only possible by clicking on Sync (after having closed the window).