Compose a Tweet

To compose a Tweet click the Tweet button in the navigation bar:

The following dialog opens:

The following describes the different areas of this dialog.

By default, the Tweet is sent with the selected working account. But if you want to choose another account or Tweet with several accounts, you can.

To remove an account, click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the account.

To add an account, click on the symbol and choose the account to add.

Enter your text in the text box. When you enter a hashtag or a mention, the app makes you suggestions based on the Tweets that the application imported from your Twitter profile.

To add an image, click the Add Images button and select the images you want to add. You can also add an image by dragging it in the text box.

For now, the GIF, animated or not, is not supported. It is also not possible to add videos.

By checking the checkbox join matrix, an image highlighting the profile images of the users mentioned in the Tweet is attached to your Tweet. It looks like this:

Sometimes, the application may not be able to retrieve a user's profile image: in this case, it will not appear in the matrix. Moreover, since the background of the matrix is made up of members of your community, if your account is recent, you may not have enough users to constitute the background of the matrix: in this case, the matrix will not be sent.

You can choose to send your Tweet immediately or later.

To send it immediately, choose the option now.

To send the Tweet to a specific date and time, choose the date and time option and then set the date and time.

You can finally, by choosing the calendar option, send the Tweet to the next available slot of the calendar of your choice. Since a calendar is linked to a Twitter account, if you send the Tweet with multiple accounts, you will need to select the calendar to use for each sender.

When the Tweet is sent, it will be automatically added to the Tweets & likes module with the attributes defined here.

If the Tweet is valid, all you have to do is click the Tweet now button or the Schedule button (the present button depends on the choice of the send date).

You may also not want to immediately validate the Tweet. There are many reasons for this:

  • you are not satisfied with the text and plan to revise it,
  • you have not yet found the right photo to attach to your Tweet,
  • you manage the Twitter account of another and the account holder wants to validate himself,
  • you do not know when to send the Tweet,

If you are in one of these cases, click Pause to delay the validation of the Tweet.