To access the calendars list, click Configuration in the navigation bar, and then click Calendars in the Posting section. If you have not yet created a calendar, you should get this:

The calendars displayed are those of the working account. If you customize the calendars provided by default (highly recommended) or if you add a new calendar, it will only affect the working account. You will have to redo the operations for each of your accounts.

There are initially three calendars for each account:

  • Default : this calendar is for sending ordinary Tweets.
  • Thanks new followers : : this calendar is used to send thank-you Tweets during scheduled interactions.
  • Follow Friday : this calendar is used to send “Follow Friday” Tweets during scheduled interactions.

You can use any calendar when you schedule a Tweet: there are no specific calendars for scheduled interactions.

To create a calendar, click the Add a calendar button. A window opens:

Enter a name for the new calendar and choose your time zone. By default, the time zone is the one you declared in your account settings on Twitter.

Suppose you want to Tweet every day, except on Friday that you spend on Follow Friday and want to Tweet at different times on weekends.

Click on the days from Monday to Thursday:

You can see that the name of the tab has changed and contains the list of days you have chosen, in abbreviated form.

Suppose you want to send your first Tweet of the day at 8:15. Click on line 8H to display the minutes:

Click on 15 to add the slot.

After adding a few slots, you get something like this:

To make the settings for the weekend, click the Add a schedule tab and click on Saturday and Sunday:

All you have to do is select the slots.

Suppose now on Wednesday, you want to add a slot at 15:00. You could remove Wednesday from the list of days on the tab Mo Tu We Th and add a schedule for Wednesday only. But it's simpler to add a schedule for Wednesday with only the additional slot:

So there are two schedules for Wednesday, which are merged for that day.

It is not possible to send two Tweets at the same time. Therefore, if a slot is common to two schedules, the merge does not create an additional slot.

When you are satisfied, do not forget to save your calendar. The previous calendar will be displayed in the list:

In the list of calendars, a calendar is summarized by the number of slots per day. In the example you can see that the number of slots is 9 for Saturday and Sunday, 7 for Wednesday, 6 for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 0 for Friday.