Public profile

You have a public profile that allows you to present the best of your Twitter profile, organized by topics (pages).

This page describes the public profile and explains how to configure items common to all pages.

To learn how to create pages, configure them, and choose which Tweets to publish, see Pages.

If you click Public Profile in the navigation bar, the address of your public profile is shown at the top of the content area. You can also find it by clicking Configuration and then Public Profile in the General Settings section.

The last part of the address is your username. When you open a Socialfave account, you will be assigned a username and will be the username of the Twitter account with which you opened your account (followed by a number in case of conflicts with existing accounts). You can change your username by clicking Configuration on the navigation bar and clicking Account in the General Settings section.

The public profile looks like this:

It consists of 3 areas:

  • A header that contains the title of your profile and the title of the current page.
  • A sidebar that contains, from top to bottom:
    • Your username.
    • The list of available pages (does not appear if you only have one page).
    • The description of your profile (does not appear if not specified).
    • The list of Twitter accounts (appears only if you have chosen Twitter accounts to appear here).
    • A link to share your profile.
  • The rest of your public profile contains the Tweets of the current page.

Click Configuration on the navigation bar, and then click Public Profile in the General Settings section. The following screenshot shows the settings for the previous example profile:

Some remarks on the different elements:

  • Title: if empty, a default title will be displayed: “Best of … and friends” (the ellipsis corresponds to your username).
  • Description: if the description is empty, the corresponding section does not appear in the public profile.
  • Text 'Follow me on Twitter': this is the text that precedes the list of Twitter accounts in the public profile. If it is empty, no text will be displayed before Twitter accounts.
  • Twitter accounts:
    • If you do not add a Twitter account, the corresponding zone will not be displayed.
    • The comment is optional but advised if you add multiple accounts to explain the specificities of each account.

One final note: do not forget to save the changes.