Bulk actions

Often we must repeat the same action on several Tweets or users, such as adding the same tag to several Tweets or add several users to the blacklist. To avoid having to act on every Tweet or user one by one, modules Tweets & likes, Community and Public profile gives the opportunity to act on a group.

Note : in the following, the Tweets & likes module is taken as an example. The other modules operate on the same principle.

To select the Tweets you want to act on, click the checkbox at the bottom left:

Once your selection is complete, you just have to choose the action to perform in the sidebar:

Note : the list of actions appears only when some Tweets are selected.

The previous selection method works well when the number of Tweets to be selected is small in comparison to the number of displayed Tweets. In the opposite, it is faster to select all displayed Tweets and to unselect unwanted Tweets. For this, use the two checkboxes at the bottom of the information panel:

This panel also shows the number of selected Tweets.

Once the actions have been performed, click the Close (and deselect all) button at the bottom of the action list, to return to a normal use.

During a selection, you must not make any change likely to affect the results of the research. Because of this, you must make all settings (working account, criterion, filters, display order, …) before starting your selection. And once the selection has begun, sidebar settings are not accessible. A change of working account, a refreshment, or a passage by another module are always possible but without notice deselect all Tweets or users.